Commercial Security Services from Rogers Security®

Rogers Security® provides specialized commercial security services to businesses in Burlington. We have a wealth of experience securing large commercial businesses, automotive dealerships, marinas, and much more.

Our team works closely with clients to understand their needs and security concerns. Using premium equipment from leading brands such as Honeywell, we bolster commercial security and minimize threats throughout the perimeter. On this page, you will find an overview of our current commercial security services.

Commercial Security Services

We work closely with businesses to design a commercial security system that meets their needs. We use GPS tracking, CCTV, temperature control, motion-detecting, and other advanced security measures to protect businesses.

Learn more about our Commercial Security services.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is an advanced security measure that can accurately trace the movement of individuals and assets across a property. These security devices are essential for retail environments and car dealerships.

Learn more about our GPS systems.

Camera Systems

Camera systems are one of the most effective security tools. Our team installs high-quality camera systems that are out of sightlines and will accurately capture hotspots and access points for commercial businesses.

Learn more about our Commercial Camera systems.

Card Access Systems

Card access systems simplify access control and fortify perimeter safety. With a robust access control system, businesses can monitor and designate who has access to certain areas of the premise. We use biometric and key card systems.

Learn more about our Card Access systems.

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security systems bolster the exterior of a commercial property, making it harder for trespassers to access the property. Using CCTV, thermal imaging, and alarm systems, we defend properties from criminals.

Learn more about our Perimeter Security services.

Car Dealership Security

Car dealership security is a specialty of Rogers Security®. We have installed security equipment for many car dealerships throughout Burlington. Our services include CCTV monitoring, perimeter security, and access control.

Learn more about our Car Dealership Security services.

Construction Site Security

Construction sites are large, open areas where criminals look for opportunities to perform illegal activities and steal materials. We provide security equipment and surveillance services to protect property from illegal acts.

Learn more about our Construction Site Security services.

Marina Security Systems

We install and maintain marina security systems that will protect assets and clients. Our team uses equipment such as CCTV, perimeter monitoring, and access control systems to protect marinas from criminals.

Learn more about our Marina Security System services.

At Rogers Security®, we customize our security services to meet the needs of commercial businesses. Contact us today for a free quote.

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