Commercial Card Access Systems

Card access security systems provide an effective and affordable means of access control. Card systems allow security personnel to specify which individuals are allowed in the building, who they can visit, and what hours they have access to the facility.

With a card access security system, business owners can monitor and restrict employee access to a facility or property. Certain card systems can also record when an individual arrives and leaves a building, how often, and from where.

Their ability to track and register users make card access systems an essential security component of large commercial businesses.

Card access security systems provide several benefits to business owners, including the following.

Upgraded Security

Card access security systems can include sophisticated security features that protect an organization from thieves and other criminals. A card access control system is the safest way to keep data and important rooms safe.

Card systems use advanced security technology, such as biometric devices or retinal scanners, which further limit the chance of unauthorized access.

Personnel Monitoring

A card access security system makes it easier for the business owner to monitor which personnel is accessing the facility. These systems can help them prevent unauthorized access and monitor personal access.

Card systems also allow for remote monitoring of employees. Business owners can keep tabs on employees as they traverse through the property with a card access system.

Increased Convenience

With a biometric card access system, employees can use a pin combo, fingerprint, or an eye scan to access a building. Biometric card access increases convenience by removing the need for a card or key. It also reduces the risk that keys are lost or stolen.

These systems are also effective for visitors and temporary onsite workers. Access systems can store unique information for a short time. Those with access only need their fingerprint, eye scan, or PIN to enter the facility.

Get Access to Top Card Access Security Equipment

Top-of-the-line card security systems are significantly harder to crack than a basic pin pad. At Rogers Security®, we use premium equipment from leading brands such as ProWatch, ICT, and Speco Tech. All equipment that we install is designed to stay secure and convenient.

At Rogers Security®, we have over 20 years of experience protecting the Southern Ontario region. Our team works closely with commercial businesses to understand their needs, so we can install the best card access system. Contact us today for a quote.

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