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The challenge of knowing where your vehicles are or where they have been is a crucial part of your business. By installing GPS Tracking, you can take control of your fleet and have peace of mind knowing that your company vehicles and employees are safe.

GPS Tracking Applications

  • Fleet tracking
  • Asset monitoring
  • Personal location devices
  • Lone worker

Accountability, responsibility, and transparency are some of the positive outcomes you will enjoy as a result of installing GPS Tracking. At Roger’s Security®, we can help you determine the right GPS tracking system for your business.

Benefits of GPS Tracking

  • Know exactly where your vehicles are and where they have been
  • Be reassured that your vehicles are being used as they should, and not for personal use
  • Know which vehicles have been speeding or excessively idling

Installing a GPS Tracking System will increase employee performance and customer satisfaction. You will be able to tell your customer where your driver is and where he is headed, increasing customer satisfaction and helping you accurately keep track of when a service was performed. Knowing where your vehicles are allows your business to be more productive. By logging in to the easy-to-use interface, you will be able to see your drivers and their location at any time of the day or night.

You will have the ability to generate informative reports such as trip details, speed, mileage, landmark, stop-time and more. By using the maintenance feature, you will get notifications when the next oil change, tire rotation, or maintenance check is due on each of your individual vehicles.

Contact Roger’s Security® Systems for more information on how GPS Tracking can benefit your business.

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