Residential Video Surveillance for Southern Ontario

Video Surveillance

At Roger’s Security® Systems, we want to offer you an extra layer of security for your home by enabling you to keep an eye on things remotely. Wireless video surveillance monitoring cameras and equipment can help you to view and protect your home from virtually anywhere. Total Connect Systems from Honeywell allow you to remotely connect to your home with internet access to look at the designated areas of your home that you have specified the home surveillance cameras and video system to monitor. You can control your security and automation systems, view live video, keep tabs on your vehicles and possessions and receive important email and video alerts on everyday smart devices.

Live Streaming

Keep an eye on your home, family, pets and assets with live 24/7 viewing on your smartphone or tablet.

Remote Access

With remote access, you have the ability to arm or disarm your security system remotely or check the status or your security system on your smartphone or tablet. Both Android and Apple products are easily integrated.

Smartphone Integration

Completely integrate with your home system so that you can stay connected with the mobile devices that you are already using daily.

Quality Product

Honeywell Total Connect Video Solutions are part of Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services. Honeywell has been providing quality safety and security products for over 75 years.


Video clips can be sent to our monitoring stations, allowing operators to look in on your residence and determine action. Emergency responders can know the severity of events in advance and be prepared to respond accordingly.

To learn more about our residential video suveillance services, contact us.

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