Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems for Residential Properties

At Rogers Security®, we work with established brands such as Honeywell and Resideo to provide premium carbon monoxide detection systems to property owners in the Southern Ontario region.

We install carbon monoxide systems that use accurate electrochemical sensors and complex algorithms to accurately detect any increase in CO. Our effective carbon monoxide detection systems can save residents from dangerous carbon monoxide that often goes undetected.

The Benefits of a Carbon Monoxide Detection System

Carbon monoxide is hard to detect and consuming this dangerous form of gas can lead to serious health problems. Without a carbon monoxide detector, these gasses are almost impossible to detect.

We provide premium carbon monoxide detectors that can sense CO and CO2 in the air and alert homeowners of their presence. By installing one of these systems, property owners can:

  • Identify if there is a CO leak in their home as soon as it occurs
  • Reduce the risk of any CO build-up in their home
  • Lessen the amount of time required for a home to be aired out following a CO leak
  • Prevent any CO or CO2 build up while they are away from their home
  • Protect family members from dangerous carbon gasses

Work With Professional Security Team for Lasting Results

Not all carbon monoxide detection systems are created equally. When searching for a suitable product, it is important to find equipment from trusted brands. At Rogers Security®, we use Honeywell and Resideo products to ensure properties are protected from carbon monoxide.

All our equipment is professionally installed and tested to guarantee its accuracy. Rogers Security® is a one-stop shop for all residential and commercial security needs in Burlington. Our staff offers clients an ongoing service to feel safe and secure in their homes and businesses.

If you want to learn more about our carbon monoxide detection systems or other products, contact us today.

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