Fire Detection Alarm Systems for Residential Properties

Fire alarms and smoke detectors can save homeowners from disaster. Residential fire detection systems from Rogers Security® effectively detect the presence of smoke or fire and warn residents of its presence. With a fire detection system, residents have time to put out the fire or evacuate the building in time.

Rogers Security® works with top fire detection system providers such as Honeywell and Resideo to secure a property from the threat of fire. Our fire detection systems are highly effective, customizable, and affordable.

We believe in understanding our client's needs, testing the products we sell, and making sure all our installations meet the industry standard.

We Can Stop the Spread of Fire Effectively

With a residential fire detection system, property owners have time to react and stop the spread of fire effectively. Fire detection systems are essential and are commonly found in both commercial and residential buildings.

An effective fire prevention plan will make use of multiple fire detection systems. Having multiple alarms set up at strategic locations provides property owners with more accurate information about potential fires on their residences.

Working with Rogers Security® will ensure any sized properties are protected from the threat of fire. We install fire security at key equipment, including:

  • Smoke/heat detectors
  • Gas detection systems
  • Video cameras
  • Automated security systems

Work With a Licensed Security Equipment Dealer

When it comes to finding a residential fire system, it is important to look for top-of-the-line equipment. At Rogers Security®, we are a licensed Resideo and Honeywell dealer. We leverage our connections to access some of the top fire detection system equipment.

We can install alarm systems that serve multiple purposes, including detecting fires, potential floods, and a rise in carbon monoxide. All our security systems are professionally installed and set up strategically for each unique property.

Our access to premium residential fire detection systems makes us an ideal partner for homeowners, strata boards, and landlords. To learn more about our Residential Fire Detection Systems, contact us today.

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