Medical Alert

Protecting You with Medical Alert and Medical Monitoring

Trustworthy, Quality, and Reliable Security

While many adults have the desire to live independently, at times being alone, especially in your twilight years, means that there may be no one to assist during an emergency. You can be worry-free knowing that you or your loved one is monitored with Roger’s Security® medical alert products. At the touch of a button, emergency services can be triggered and dispatched, responding to your medical emergency quickly through our ULC monitoring stations.

Help, safety and peace of mind are just a call away with a two-way voice pendant Personal Emergency Response System from LifeSentry®. This water resistant pendant allows you to summon help even while you are in the bath and has a long lifespan with a lithium-ion battery which provides several hours of time when charged. An audible low-battery announcement contacts central station monitoring, so you can be sure that you will never be without help when you need it.

LifeSentry® is activated with the push of one button allowing you to communicate instantly with our central station monitoring service. The unit’s base station plugs into any standard telephone jack and will allow you to communicate efficiently from within hundreds of feet from the base. Full house coverage, including service from your front, back and side yards, can give you the utmost confidence in being outside your home. You will always be within range to be able to hear and tell the response center about your emergency.

The LifeSentry Personal Emergency Response system can be carried with a lanyard, wrist strap with a wheelchair attachment or belt clip. The user can answer incoming calls to the home phone through the device.

You can feel confident that you or your loved one is in good hands with a medical monitoring device from Roger’s Security® Systems.

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