How Can I Enhance my Home Security, Now That the Nights Are Getting Longer?

October 29th, 2020 | in Residential Security |    0comments
How Can I Enhance my Home Security For Night Time Coverage?

Home security is something important to consider. Modern systems have become more dependable than in previous years. From remote controlled locks to digital security cameras, many security devices are controlled and automated via an application on a smartphone.

Protecting your family and/or your possessions is of critical concern now that there are more hours of darkness. So, how do we do that?

We have come up with three tips on how you will protect your house at night.

  1. Install motion-triggered floodlights:

If the thieves come to rob you at night, the chances are the criminals believe that you are out for the evening. The installation of motion-triggered floodlights has the power to scare off the burglars because you are putting them in a spotlight. The floodlights can also alert your neighbours that the criminals are trying to break your home. The floodlights increase the chance that a friend can call the police.

  1. Put a label on your window or door that you have a security system:

Informing the criminals that there is video evidence of their actions is another way of decreasing potential criminal activity at your home. Most thieves are opportunistic, and any alarms or video footage increase their risks and will deter them. Most criminals are not professional enough to be skilled at disabling your security system.

  1. Put them off with a loud siren:

A loud siren when triggered either by opening a door or window will alert a potential perpetrator that you have a great security system. An alarm can create the assumption that the police are being called, which will scare off the burglars.

  1. Have a security system in the first place:

If you have been waiting to put in a system, now would be a good time. Don’t wait until you’re been robbed to put in a security system.

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