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Did the COVID Pandemic affect the crime rate in Burlington and Southern Ontario during 2021?
The COVID-19 pandemic greatly changed the nature of economic activity and social interaction in different region across the world. In Canada, the government called for a wide spectrum of restrictions, adjusting and readjusting the response in accorda
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Do I Need a Security System If I Work at Home
Do I Need a Security System If I Work at Home?
February 27th, 2021 | in Residential Security |    0comments
Yes, the short answer is you need a security system even if you work at home. Even if you work at home, you will still go out occasionally for shopping, appointments, and errands—even during COVID-19! If someone wants to break into your home, they
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Are Keypads More Secure Than Keys
Are Keypads More Secure Than Keys?
January 29th, 2021 | in Residential Security |    0comments
The main aim of a lock is to keep a house or an apartment secure. Keypads are more secure than keys in residential and commercial settings. Keypads are one of the great ways to go keyless and safeguard a home. Keypad systems operate in connection wit
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