Did the COVID Pandemic affect the crime rate in Burlington and Southern Ontario during 2021?

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Did the COVID Pandemic affect the crime rate in Burlington and Southern Ontario during 2021?

As countries face the COVID-19 pandemic we are seeing changing in how people interact. This has widespread affects on business, social, and criminal activities. In Canada, the government called for a wide spectrum of restrictions fairly early on, adjusting and readjusting the response in accordance with the course of the coronavirus. The lockdowns across Ontario including Burlington cause many changes to activities for people personally and professionally, and has affected the local crime rate as well.

Fraud and Counterfeiting

A number of less violent crimes like fraud, embezzlement, and counterfeiting have increased in Burlington and Southern Ontario—and everywhere--during the COVID-19 pandemic. A decrease in a healthy economy spurs an increase in the circulation of sounterfeit goods. Apparently when it’s harder to move around in town, those crimes that can be perpetrated at a distance will increase.


The number of people spending time on online platforms has increased globally. Hacking, impersonation, online fraud, and other cybercrimes have affected Burlington and Southern Ontario and the rest of the world. There is always a lag behind fighting cybercrime and seeing what creative cyber criminals come up with.

Domestic violence

It has been reported by the police that domestic violence has gone up in Burlington and Southern Ontario and throughout the world. A lot of families are breaking up due to financial distress, psychological stress, and difficulty accessing proper counselling on how to overcome the challenges of the COVID19 pandemic all are playing roles in this. Sexual violence has also increased everywhere.

Drug trafficking

Drug trafficking and related crimes have also increased. The added stress of isolation seems to be behind increasing drug use and demand for black market drugs.

Basically, the main crimes that have decreased are home break-ins because so many people are at home. However, the difficult economic climate has resulted in increases in many other crimes in southern Ontario and throughout the world.

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