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Protecting your Home with Security Systems and Services

Trustworthy, Quality, and Reliable Security

Protecting your home and family is what we do best. At Roger’s Security® Systems, our staff and technicians will listen to your needs, assess your home and then create a security system that will work for your budget and style of living. When it comes to keeping you safe, we will create a system that works specifically for your needs. Protection from intruders, monitored fire alarms, environmental protection, video surveillance and personal emergency response are security solutions that we provide, giving you safety and peace of mind.

There is a Honeywell security product for every desire and need. With over 75 years in business, Honeywell is leading edge in security, technology and smart home products.

Home Security System Products:

  • Monitored security systems protecting you against intruders
  • Fire alarm monitoring, saving you time in an emergency
  • Video surveillance systems, with remote access control from your tablet, PC or smartphone
  • Wireless glassbreak sensors and detectors
  • Medical monitoring and personal emergency response
  • Infrared motion detectors, protecting you from intruders by detecting motion in the area
  • Environmental alarm monitoring, warning you of flood, or other environmental emergency
  • Smart home energy solutions, controlling lights, locks, temperature and more

At Roger’s Security®, we will provide you with the best service possible delivering quality products that you can trust. Our family owned business has been proudly and effectively serving Burlington Ontario and the Southern Ontario region for over 22 years.