Would Access Control Enhance my Burlington Business' Security?

June 25th, 2018 in Commercial Security
Would Access Control Enhance my Burlington Business' Security?

If you are looking to give your Burlington business extra security, looking into access control may be the way to go. Access control systems can help to improve the day-to-day lives of your staff while also ensuring top-notch security that won’t leave your property to chance.

How an Access Control System Works

An access control system works by keeping doors locked and secured, only allowing the magnetic locking system to be released when an authorized party uses their key fob, card, or inputs a specific code or password into the system. The system can be implemented on both exterior and interior barriers, to protect either the entire building or certain access points from being entered.

Giving staff specific key cards or fobs allows you to control who has access to the building, as well as which areas of the facility they may enter. Additionally, you can set their access to be only within certain hours to increase security measures. Access can be revoked immediately by disabling a key card or fob, to ensure data and the facility are completed protected at all times. Having an access system in place also gives you the option of tracking who was in what area of the facility at any given time.

Other Benefits to an Access System

Aside from just security and controlling who has access to areas within your facility, an access control system also has a number of other benefits which staff and management alike will appreciate:

  • Restricting access means that staff belongings will be kept safe when left in a staff room;
  • The need for keys is eliminated;
  • Lost keys become a non-issue, as key fobs can be deactivated remotely;
  • Changing locks is no longer a requirement; and
  • Can save the business money – some systems are able to integrate with heating, cooling, and lighting systems to only stay on in areas where the building is being accessed.

Making sure that your business is protected is an important part of management. Having a good security system is a huge step towards ensuring that your business is as safe as possible – an access control system not only allows you to keep an eye on who is in your facility at any time, but can also save your business money.

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