Will my New Infrared Motion Detector be Triggered by Local Wildlife?

May 30th, 2021 in Residential Security
Will my New Infrared Motion Detector be Triggered by Local Wildlife?

Many homeowners in rural areas of Ontario that are looking to install a home security solution may be wondering if wildlife has the potential to trigger alarm systems. The short answer? Yes, wildlife has the potential to trigger alarm systems.

However, by working with the Rogers Security team during the installation process, adjustments can be made to minimize this possibility. Our team can find a balance between considering where potential break-ins may occur while avoiding places where animals commonly pass by.

Before the initial consultation, you should mention any wildlife you commonly see in the area. The reason being is that many security systems can be adapted to your needs. Here are some of the solutions we have to prevent wildlife from triggering an alarm.

Lights, Smart Alarms & Positioning

Many motion detectors for instance rely on infrared light to track movement. By adjusting the amount of infrared energy required to trigger the alarm, our security team can adjust the system so that smaller animals such as birds and foxes do not trigger the alarm when passing through.

However, because elk, moose, and bears are much larger, and can be a legitimate cause to raise the alarm system, you would want them to trigger an alarm. In this case, alarms can also be positioned in such a way around the home to ensure it does pick up larger animals.

Pet-immune security systems can also be especially helpful. These systems are based on a large collection of data that separates the common movement patterns of animals in an area from those of humans. These systems smartly analyze the footage with appropriate data before deciding if sounding the alarm is necessary. This is especially helpful if you already have dogs and cats in your home.

The natural wildlife of your area should not stop you from considering the installation of a robust security system. By working with an excellent specialist and taking both your needs and the local nature into account, a security system can be installed that only triggers when it detects actual threats to your home, rather than roaming wildlife.

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