Will a Monitored Residential Security System Interfere with my Privacy

May 28th, 2019 in Residential Security
Will a Monitored Residential Security System Interfere with my Privacy

Will a monitored residential security system interefere with my privacy?

Answer: No. Here's why not.

Home security systems are more then just residential alarms these days, and many people opt for a full package of security services which includes monitored residential security. For many who have yet to acquire this service, one of the main concerns is how monitoring services will interfere with my privacy.

What is Monitored Residential Security?

Monitored residential security is a service in which a home is monitored 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by real people at a remote location. Depending on what type and level of service a consumer may opt for, this can include basic residential alarms only, or include more sophisticated technology such as surveillance cameras with human detection software, flood sensors, and smoke and fire alarms.

What are the Privacy Concerns?

Many people fear that their privacy is being compromised and that the security system monitoring can be abused. Fortunately, this is not the reality. The monitoring technology is design to only alert the monitoring Center should it detect an introducer or be set off. At this point, a professional monitor will then check the system to verify a problem, before contacting authorities and the owner. The image that people have of a security guard sitting watching constant CCTV footage does not happen.

If you opt for a system with video surveillance, you are able to choose where these cameras are placed. For those concerned about privacy indoors, you may choose to keep the cameras only on the exterior of the home. For others, you may want to watch your pets and can place them inside. You are able to monitor and watch the cameras right from your smart device, and can make it so only you have access to them.

With monitoring services, privacy and safety are the tops priorities, and you can rest easy knowing that both your privacy and safety are in good hands.

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