What Was the Crime Rate in Burlington, ON, in 2019?

February 25th, 2020 | in Residential Security |    0comments
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Burlington is a beautiful city in southern Ontario located on the northwestern end of Lake Ontario. Burlington is one of the most beautiful places to live in Canada and an awesome place to raise kids.

This city has a population of around 183,000 and is located between Mississauga and Hamilton.

Let us now look at the crime rate for Burlington, in 2019.

As we rely on the recently published crime data which covers Burlington, most of the crime rates decreased.

However, even though the crime rate decreased overall, according to the police reports, the overall crime rate in Burlington city is five percent higher compared to the national average. For every 100,00 individuals, there were 7.44 daily crimes committed in Burlington.

There is one exception to the overall decrease in crime. Two specific types of crimes that we noticed in the years 2017-2018, abduction and sexual assault, both went up significantly. We note in 2019 sexual assault increased by 10 percent while abduction went up over 57 percent.

We should note that even in beautiful towns crime exists and coming up with a powerful security system with video surveillance can be a smart idea.

The Crime Severity Index (CSI) shows that the rate of crimes in Burlington has gone down in 2019 compared to other years. This is a clear indication that investigators and front-line police officers are diligently battling serious crimes in this city.

According to the report given by investigators, they say that one of the most effective methods to prevent crime is by good law enforcement. The decrease in crime rate for Burlington 2019 demonstrates the value of profound sacrifice and commitment by police officers.

You may wonder why abduction and sexual assault went up. It's very hard to say without further study. It's possible that these crimes are not occurring more often, but rather being reported more often. This remains to be examined. 

There is a changing climate for women reporting crimes against them. This is important. Women are feeling more empowered to speak out about crimes that they have been victims to.

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