What is UAV Surveillance?

April 24th, 2019 | in Commercial Security |    0comments

UAV Surveillance

Traditional surveillance systems have long served businesses well, providing security and protection within the limitations of their design. Classic video surveillance systems do an excellent job of looking at one area, and recording what is sees and detects. However, need technologies have allowed for new advances in securities, removing limitations and giving a more complete picture.

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, are a new form of video surveillance technology that is becoming more available. These specialized drones are able to capture pictures and videos, without being limited to one location.

Drone technology is perfectly suitable for security needs, as recent drones have excellent flight distance, good durability against weather and harsh environmental factors, and are small in size. Drones are able to capture security footage from a high distance, and move to acquire better angles and better views.

Just like modern CCTV systems, UAV surveillance can also take advantage of technologies such as human detection, face detection, and object detection. These advanced drones can use these technologies to not only detect, by follow and track security threats.

UAV surveillance technology also has the unique ability to allow for security in hard to reach locales that might not be accessible otherwise. UAVs are also an excellent choice for security on locations that may change, such as construction sites.

As new and exciting technologies continue to emerge, new ways to protect ourselves and our investments are emerging. UAV surveillance may be the perfect new way to protect your business.


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