So What Happens When the Alarm Goes Off?

November 27th, 2020 in Residential Security
So What Happens When the Alarm Goes Off?

“What happens when the alarm goes off” is a frequently asked question. The short answer is, it depends on what kind of alarm system is installed.

Assuming your alarm system is tied to a 24/7 security call centre, then a message is sent to the call centre. Lights may flash, the alarm sounds, and you may get a notice on a smartphone if your alarm is set up like that. If your alarm sounds, some will continue to sound and some will shut off after a certain period of time.

There is usually a delay, during which you can manually shut off an alarm in case a false alarm has been triggered. If you do not shut off the alarm within a specific time period, then the alarm will sound.

When you are set up with a two-call verification system, then the call centre would contact you to verify if it’s a real alarm—if possible--before contacting authorities. This reduces the likelihood of a security team or police coming out for a false alarm.

If the security centre is unable to contact the authorized person, then the security team will analyze the data and try to determine if there is a false alarm or real alarm. The security team calls the police if they suspect a true alarm.

Even if the police are dispatched, the response centre will continue to attempt to reach the authorized individual on the contact list.

There is a defined protocol for responding to alarms based on the type of alarm system you have and the security company that you work with. Your security company you use can answer any specific questions that you have.

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