If I Have Alexa, Why Do I Need Home Automation?

by Cynthia White June 29th, 2020 in Residential Security, Home Automation
If I Have Alexa, Why Do I Need Home Automation?

Home automation is the technology that manages your home in a many moder ways. It encompasses recreation systems, security, lighting controls, a smart thermostat, and much more. Home automation brings convenience, safety, and efficiency in this 21st century.

There are some people who believe that home automation is science fiction but we want to assure you it is not. This blog will give you some of the reasons why you need home automation even if you have installed Alexa in your devices.

Alexa and Home Automation are not the same thing. Alexa can call you a taxi or tell you where to order a pizza. Home automation allows many home systems like lights and locks and thermostats to work together.

Safety First

Home automation will help your family and property to be secure 24/7. From monitoring software to alarm systems, you protect your house with smart technology. Video surveillance connected with home automation helps you to know who is at your door even if you are not at home.

Save Big

Home automation assists you to regulate different elements of your house when you are not available. You can look at the sprinkler status through your home automation system and lock it down. When you use upgraded technology to control electric and water resources, you can save a lot of money.

Accessibility for All

Home automation gives disabled people an easy way to control home devices. Smart gadgets eliminate difficult work and home automation creates an accessible environment around the house. For people with limited mobility, automated systems like smart locks and lawn care can make a big difference.

Dynamic Technology

One of the important benefits of home automation is accessing evolving technology. Home automation software is designed to update with powerful and new technology. This helps you to be always at the forefront of safety, comfort, and convenience.


The biggest difference between Alex and home automation is that Amazon gets all your information related to using Alexa. You are in control of your home automation, and the information is for you alone. 

So, Alexa and home automation fulfill different roles. You may or may not want both.

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