How Does a Wireless Glassbreak Sensor Work?

June 25th, 2019 in Residential Security
How Does a Wireless Glassbreak Sensor Work?

How does a wireless glassbreak sensor work?

Answer: Specific frequencies allow these sensor to determine if window glass is broken.

One important part of comprehensive and effective home security systems are glass break sensors. These sensors are detectors that listen for  the sound of breaking glass using a specialized microphone that recognizes the unique frequency that glass makes when it shatters. They are very reliable sensors.

What is a Glass Break Sensor?

Glass break sensors are a specific type of sensor that works as a detector for the sound of breaking glass. If it detects breaking glass, it sends a signal to sound an alarm. It is a vital part of any home security system.

How Does it Work?

Glass break sensors are available with wireless features, making adding these to your existing compatible security system a simple process. As previously mentioned, these sensors listen for specific frequencies, and when armed, they will send a message to the main alarm control panel should that noise be detected. Because of the sensitivity of these devices, they will not set off false alarms from other noises. They also are not needed for every window, as they work by detecting sound. As long as there is one sensor present in each room, it should be able to pick up the noise of any window being shattered.

Where Should it be Mounted?

These sensors should be mounted on a nearby wall or even ceiling, near the glass that it is monitoring. It does not need to be mounted onto the glass window itself. Range can vary between sensors, but for most the average range of detection is roughly 20-25 feet. If there are any obstructions present, such as heavy window coverings, you may want to change the position of the sensor to be on the frame of the window, as this could interfere with noise detection.

If your home security system does not include glass break sensors, you should consider adding some. These provide more comprehensive security because often breaking a glass window or door will not trigger the door or window sensors, meaning no alarm will go off. A glass break sensor gives that added level of security and protection for you and your family. 

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