How do commercial burglar alarms work?

December 24th, 2019 in Commercial Security
How do commercial burglar alarms work?

One of the most powerful ways to protect your home or business from vandalism, theft, and break-ins is with burglar alarms. The commercial burglar helps your family and visitors feel safe.

Let us dive in to how commercial burglar alarms work!

Commercial burglar alarms are designed with numerous elements that operate together to alert and monitor you to the presence of criminals. Some of the crucial elements used in burglar alarms include:

· Window/ door sensors:

These sensors operate with magnetic connectors. One sensor that has a magnet is placed on a window or door and the other one on the adjoining frame or sill. When the system is armed, it detects a particular window or door as being secure.

· Glass break sensors:

Glass break sensors work using a mic to listen for the specific sound frequency that glass emits when it breaks.

· Motion detectors:

These can use microwave pulses, vibration, infrared heat, and ultrasonic waves to identify movement in a given space. Since the capabilities and range of motion detectors can vary, it's crucial to select ones that are perfectly fitted to the needs and the dimensions of your building.

· Keypad:

The keypad is the place where you arm/disarm your alarm and do other programmable operations. It links to the other system components using wireless or hard-wired connections.

· Control panel:

The control panel is the operating system of commercial burglar alarms. It processes and receives signals from all gadgets in the system. In most buildings, the C-panel is installed in a utility room or closet to protect it from people who can tamper with it.

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