How Can I Ensure a Safe Halloween for my Business?

October 30th, 2021 in Commercial Security
How Can I Ensure a Safe Halloween for my Business?

Halloween should be a night full of fun and harmless scares. Unfortunately, many business owners spend Halloween night concerned about their property. With the recent fireworks ban, making it illegal to use, possess or sell fireworks of any kind within city limits, some of the fear has been alleviated. However, there will always be people willing to do something illegal, and because of that, business owners protect themselves.

To ensure a safe Halloween for a business, follow these three tips:

1) Set up Security Cameras

Security cameras are a great way to keep an eye on a business when nobody is physically present. Security cameras can be installed all around the premises and set up at entrances or high traffic areas. With a set of high-quality security cameras, business owners can obtain valuable information for authorities and insurance providers if anything happens.

2) Set up Security Alarms

Security Alarms are an effective way to scare off intruders and notify nearby staff or security. With a well-placed motion sensor alarm, businesses have an effective first line of defense against possible intruders.

These security alarms come in two varieties: wireless and wired. Wireless security alarms are great for small to medium-sized businesses. They are easy to install and provide the best protection for small businesses. If a business is too large or has sensitive equipment, then a wired motion sensor alarm is an excellent solution to deter unwanted intruders.

3) Hire Security Staff

The best way for any sized business to stay protected is with the help of a professional security team. With the help of Rogers Security, businesses know that they have a security team watching their property when they cannot.

Our process involves installing top-of-the-line equipment, fortifying weak spots, and providing remote control options. With these additions, business owners can be certain that their business will be safe on Halloween.

Roger’s Security Systems is an authorized Honeywell dealer and has been providing both residential and commercial security services and video surveillance equipment for over 20 years to homes and businesses in Ontario.

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