Home Automation for Summer

by Cynthia White July 30th, 2019 in Residential Security, Home Automation

Home automation advances in Ontario have made life not only simpler, but more convenient. There are some great home automation options for your Burlington home this summer that you should consider investing in, including:

  • Automated Shades
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Temperature Controls

Automated Shades

Automated shades provide not only convenience, but also potential cost savings in energy bills. These shades are available in a number of options, including blackout shades. Automated shades can be controlled to roll up and down from a smart phone or home assistant product, or even preprogrammed to open at certain times, and close at others. Smart shades can also be set to open and close based on temperature and sunlight, closing when the sun is at its hottest to keep a room cooler. This is a great option for those hot sunny days. Automated shades also provide more security, making sure that your shades are shut when you are not home, even if you forgot to shut them yourself.

Ceiling Fans

Automated ceiling fans also provide an excellent summer home automation option. These specialized ceiling fans can be remotely controlled, and pre programmed to come on and off at certain times of day. This helps to keep your cooling bill down by circulating the air in the room, keeping it feeling cooler, and allowing you to turn your ac down a few degrees. You can even link your ceiling fan to your smart temperature controls.

Temperature Controls

Speaking of temperature controls, if you have yet to invest in a smart thermostat, this summer is the time to do so. Smart Thermostats, such as those by Nest or Ecobee, are wifi enabled thermostats that can be programmed and controlled from a smart device. The main advantage of these thermostats is the energy savings they can provide by knowing what your location and habits are, and predicting when the AC should be turned up, and when it can be turned down. This means you will come home to a comfortable home, but will not be paying to cool it when you are out.

These are just some of the convenient smart home options that are now available. Home automation continues to make our lives simpler, and more convenient. Be sure to consider some of these upgrades this summer.

Cynthia WhiteCynthia White is a BA in English from NYU, with extensive experience as a writer and blogger. She has worked as a submissions' editor for a literary magazine, and Editor-in-Chief of a large industry publication. She was chosen Quora's Top Writer of 2018, and got a Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) President's Award, in 2018.

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