Do I Need a Security System If I Work at Home?

February 27th, 2021 in Residential Security
Do I Need a Security System If I Work at Home?

Yes, the short answer is you need a security system whether you work at home or away from home. If you work at home, you will go out regularly for errands and food shopping or doctor appointments. If you work away from home, then there will be regulary predictable hours when you are not at home plus you will still have to go out from time to time for other activities. Security systems are in place to take care of your home whether someone is there or no. A security system is the only insurance that your home is protected around the clock.

Security systems operate by monitoring entry and exit points such as windows and doors. They also can operate cameras both inside and outside the residence and detect movement inside or outside. There will be several components that work together either by being hard-wired or through WIFI. A great home security system will include the following:

-An electrical panel which is the brains or controller of the system.

-Sensors for windows and doors.

-Motion sensors, for the exterior and interior.

-Wireless or wired cameras which provide security in real time or are recorded to tape or both.

-A high-decibel noise maker like an alarm or siren.

-Some kind of sign or stickers which you can place in a visible spot which tell outsiders that your home is secure.

Benefits of a security system at home

  1. Detection: Installed cameras can detect movement and potential criminal activity. Sometimes outdoor cameras record the incident and can help the authorities to apprehend the criminal.
  2. Helps the police: It is not uncommon for police to ask for and use footage that you may have recorded outside which captured activity at your house or elsewhere in the neighborhood to help catch a criminal.
  3. Allows remote access: Security systems will allow you to remotely control your many aspects of your system whether you are at home or away. You can do this on a smartphone or with an independent piece of hardware. You will be able to lock and unlock doors, for example.
  4. Alerts: Security systems can also be tied into smoke alarms or CO alarms and can alert you if they are triggered.
  5. Improves the efficiency of power usage: Your security system can be tied into your thermostats, for example, and you can turn your heat or air conditioning on when you are away from home. You can also operate lights or music even if you are home.

Whether you work at home or away from home, there are significant benefits to having a home security system.

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