Can I Use my Apple Watch to Manage my Honeywell Security System?

by Cynthia White August 26th, 2019 in Residential Security, Home Automation
Can I Use my Apple Watch to Manage my Honeywell Security System?

Can I use my Apple Watch to manage my Honeywell Security System?

Answer: Yes.

Modern security systems have come a long way from the simple home alarm systems of the past. New smart home systems, such as the Honeywell LYNX Touch, give you real-time control of your system, from anywhere. One really neat feature for Apple Watch users is that the Honeywell Total Connect App allows for Apple Watch Compatibility.

Apple Watch Compatibility

This Honeywell App can be downloaded on not only your Apple Watch, but other smart device as well. Once downloaded, it allows for complete control and management of your Honeywell security system. Combined with Apple Watch features, this means that you are able to keep your system secure by enabling touch ID. Remote access features mean you can arm or disarm the system directly from your apple watch. It will also push any notifications to your watch, meaning you are instantly informed should the alarm or any sensor be triggered.

Smart Home Integration

The Honeywell app also works beyond your alarm system and integrates with most other Honeywell smart home devices. This includes smart door locks, garage door openers, video monitoring, doorbell cameras, smart lights, thermostats and so on.

The Honeywell App is configured with Apple Watch to be very intuitive and simple to use. When combined with 24/7 remote central monitoring, it allows for reliable, comprehensive home security.

To get started and take advantage of the Honeywell Apple Watch connectivity, talk to Rogers Security today. They will be able to assist you in setting up and taking advantage of all the modern, home security features that the Honeywell LYNX Touch provides.

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