Burlington, Ontario Crime Rate Compared to the Rest of Ontario

Burlington, Ontario Crime Rate Compared to the Rest of Ontario

The Burlington, Ontario, area is a relatively safe one. The area is safer than the whole of Ontario, on average, and the area is also safer than the rest of Canada. The population of Burlington is about 200,000, which is not a giant sample to work with. We have to be extra careful when interpreting statistics.

The crime rate in Burlington reflects the same trends that are seen on a larger scale in bigger cities. Property crimes are down, but residential break-ins are significantly down while commercial break-ins have gone up during COVID-19.

Sexually based offences are about the same, and there is an increase in domestic violence, likely due to lockdowns and more people staying home or being required to stay home to work at home.

Traffic crimes are slightly down because less people were on the roads during 2020. Drug crimes related to the sale and traffic of illegal drugs are up. More people are turning to drugs during the pandemic, and support for those doing drugs has decreased because of COVID-19.

There is no doubt that Burlington is a beautiful town with a relatively low crime rate compared to the rest of Ontario and the rest of Canada. However, Burlington’s crime rate is not zero and has never been zero.

Security systems are as important now in the Burlington area as they always have been. The best way to feel secure in your home or office is to have a top-notch security system protecting you. Security systems and video surveillances are deterrent to crime. No one likes to know that they are being filmed.

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