Burlington, Ontario 2021 Crime Rate Report

February 28th, 2022 in Residential Security
Burlington, Ontario 2021 Crime Rate Report

How have crime rates in Burlington, Ontario, changed from 2020 to 2021? What were the causes for the most common police calls for 2021? Stats Canada has released crime rate reports for the past year, and they are fascinating to read through.

In this article, we are sharing some noteworthy statistics regarding police call rates for 2021.

What Calls to Police Officers Were Most Prominent?

Covid-19 exhaustion was a big part of last year, and that was often felt at home. Calls for domestic disturbances, welfare checks, and mental health checks were the three most common police calls last year.

What Crime Rates Are Decreasing?

Two crime rates that have decreased in the Burlington, Ontario area are assaults and robbery. Both of these decreases can be attributed to an increase in police presence and an increase in community engagement.

What Crime Rates Are Rising?

According to the Stats Can report, the crime rates with the highest increase year over year were motor vehicle theft and shoplifting. These two are both crimes of opportunity and often result from unguarded areas.

How Can Commercial and Residential Property Owners Protect Themselves?

The need for an effective security system has never been higher. With motor vehicle theft and shoplifting spiking significantly, criminals are willing to steal if given the opportunity. Protecting your property with a professional security system will scare them off.

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