A New Year's Security Checkup List for Businesses

December 31st, 2021 in Commercial Security
A New Year's Security Checkup List for Businesses

The New Year marks an important date for personal lives and businesses. It represents a time of hope, opportunities, and personal development. However, not everyone views it the same way.

Criminal activity often spikes during the holiday season due to businesses neglecting to perform security checkups. To help secure a business from theft, here is a professional New Year's security checklist to follow that will ensure your business is safe and secure.

1 - Inspect Doors, Windows, & Locks

One of the biggest security concerns for businesses is to make sure that the locks for doors and windows are working properly. Carefully inspect all locks and be sure that every entrance is secured.

2 - Test Detectors and Alarms

Another critical security measure is to test smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, and flood sensors regularly. Press the test button on these devices to ensure they are working. Changing batteries on all security devices is also a good idea.

3 - Review Opening and Closing Checklist

Closely review the opening and closing checklist that employees follow. This checklist is essential throughout the year and ensures that the business is continuously protected. Evaluate every item on the list and make sure it includes all critical security measures.

4 - Update Video Surveillance Equipment

Updating video surveillance equipment is often neglected. Businesses should change passwords, update software, and replace tapes at least once a year. It is also wise to review footage regularly.

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